June 3, 2010

The downblousing III

Posted in Masterbation tagged , , , , , , , at 2:58 pm by woodynyou

Wow, I can’t seem to stop looking at and writing about the downblouse.  It is all the rage in Woodyville.  You guys have all been great in indulging my current obsession and I have enjoyed reading your comments.

The last few nights I’ve been checking out some downblouse photos on xhamster That’s a pretty good site, by the way.  Its searchable database is extensive and I believe they are a little Eurocentric, which I like.  Warning:  A search of ‘downbouse’ yields nothing.

But I digress.  It seems impossible for me to look at photos of downblouses without lapsing immediately into masturbation mode.  The last two nights I hadn’t planned on masturbating.  I much prefer the daytime when I am alone and can watch videos.  These photos however…they are too hot., and before I know it, I’ve got my cock in my hand and I’m already thinking about my tetris game. (see previous post) 

Well I digressed again.  I wanted to say that I’ve noticed that in order to see, or photograph the downblouse the subject must be in a prone position — that is at a 45 degree angle.  This means the breast hangs down and you see it in a much different shape than usual.  It’s less flat and has much more character.  I don’t know if this is because of the position, or has more to do with the women I’ve seen photographed, but the nipples, and especially the areolas appears larger.  This is what really knocks me out.  I can imagine that large, luscious nipple easing into my mouth as my hands explore her waist, finally resting on her ass.  I can feel her nipple grow even larger between my lips and tongue and….

….um, excuse me. I’ve got to go now, I think I hear someone at the door.  Yeah, that’s it, someone’s at the door.  BYE.

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  1. I couldn’t help but imagine my nipple as you described that. Mmm, thank you.

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